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Game of Thrones is BACK BABY!

Sure it's not Star Wars, but hey....what is?!  

Thankfully GoT is back to fill the void left by TWD for me on Sunday nights.  My wife and I have a standing date to sit on the couch and watch some live TV like they used to do in olden times.  It's as close as we get to being hipsters and buying a record player.

Westeros is a great place.  I'm so glad it's back and boy did it come back with a bang. Things might be looking up for Sansa which can only mean bad things are coming.  Arya is getting her ass kicked daily now which means she's probably gonna be bad news for someone down the line as she becomes Westeros' version of Daredevil. Jon Snow is still dead.  Ser Devos is bravely standing watch against the traitorous Crows in Castle Black.  Margery, poor sexy Margery, looks about ready to crack.  The Lannister twins are back together sans a daughter....and the he even MORE scary?! Dani is on her way to the middle of nowhere.  Varys and Tyrion are trying to hold a city together that seems as unstable as America after a Trump presidency.  The Sand Snakes are finally being shown as bad asses and not just weird flirts and now run Meereen.  Ohhhhh and the Red Lady, for whom the episode was named, Milasandre is not the only Red Priest/Priestess we see but she's finally shown as the 400 plus year old that we were told she was.  Are the other priests just as old?

It was a lot to cover for a first episode.  Nobody got a ton of time in typical GoT style.  Now that we've been reacquainted with everyone I'm sure it will slow down and we'll get in to the meat of the show.  I couldn't be happier!