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How to Fix WoW

For many players of World of Warcraft the game seems broke.  If you ask around there are vocal groups of players that can name all the things that they think is wrong with the game.  I tend to agree with many of the complaints that I've heard.  And since subscriptions and over all good will towards the game continues to trend down since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion I think that there is enough data to suggest that a majority of the people actually feel this way.

I'm not writing this to bash Blizzard or World of Warcraft.  It's a game that I have enjoyed in the past.  Going from a total noob in the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, to hardcore raider in Lich King.  I love the lore and look and feel of the game.  It's cool!  It has filled that space in my life that used to belong to DnD. But over time that's faded.

I want to offer solutions to what I perceive as problems for the game and also high praise for Blizzard for creating them.  See I don't blame Blizzard at all for this.  I blame the players.  It was the players that demanded things be watered down.  That there be "quality of life" changes to the game that watered it down.  We asked for flying, group finder and player housing.  Blizzard said yes.  Thank you, but mad did it screw up the game.

WoW is a MMO (emphasis on Multiplayer) game and unfortunately many of the changes that we asked for ended up diminishing the Multiplayer out of the equation.  So all the things that made WoW so special and not just a huge RPG were things like regants, class difference, unique skill trees and even LFG in Trade Chat.

You want to fix WoW, or make any MMO better?  Don't eliminate anything that forces player interaction.  Having to bring a specific class to a fight makes the game better not worse. It makes for conflict when you have to bring a player you don't really like because he's the class you need but conflict is interesting.  But more then likely it forces you to make another friend.  To work together and build a memory together.  That's what a MMO should do.  It's not just about min maxing and seeing all the content.  It's about the relationships that are created by playing together.

Blizzard, from here forward, stop giving us everything we want.  Continue to listen to us like you have but before you say "Yes" filter it through the idea "Is this going to limit player interaction with each other or not?"  If it it is just say "No".