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Episode 013 Daredevil with David

A Certain Point of View

Episode 013 Daredevil with David

Ben Milton


Ben and Addy are joined by their friend David to talk all things Daredevil especially the comics and Netflix series,

Win a copy of Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller, just rate, review and subscribe to our podcast. Take a screenshot of your review and post it to our social media.

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  • Why does David love Daredevil as a character and his stories?
  • Why you should read the Brian Michael Bendis Daredevil run
  • The Daredevil Netflix series (spoiler: we all love it)
  • Batman and Daredevil storytelling
  • Fight scenes in Daredevil and comics storytelling
  • Portraying Daredevil’s disability
  • Frank Miller
  • The bad Daredevil movie
    • Recommended reading for Daredevil
      • Daredevil #26-50, 56-81 – Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
      • Dardevil Born Again – Frank Miller
      • Daredevil Yellow – Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
      • Daredevil Shadowland
      • Daredevil – Mark Waid
      • Daredevil End of Days
  • The Men Without Fear (documentary interviewing Daredevil’s creators)
  • The Kingpin
  • Iron Fist