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Episode 012 Tangents with Case

A Certain Point of View

Episode 012 Tangents with Case

Ben Milton

Tangents with Case

Case from Starship Farragut returns and we have a long conversation going on tangents from gaming to Star Wars to Superman and so much more! Check out the premiere of the new episode of Starship Farragut, “The Crossing”

  • Ben and Addy’s current gaming interests
  • Planning the return to World of Warcraft
  • Update on Starship Farragut
  • Premiere for the new episode “The Crossing”
  • The challenge of making fan films
  • Telling stories in a Universe you don’t own
  • Expanding the Star Wars Universe
  • Case tells stories from the set of Starship Farragut
  • Former WCW Wrestler Eric “the Smoke” Moran who is a major nerd
  • The Superman Debate is reignited
  • Batman is OP
  • Good Superman Series?
  • The Problem with Superman’s Powers
  • The Hulk
  • Superboy
  • Clark Kent vs Superman
  • Robert Kirkman’s Invincible
  • DC Cinematic Universe’s Challenges
  • Zack Snyder’s Movies
  • Pacific Rim
  • Deadpool and Ratings
  • Batman Rated R?
  • Inconsistency of Ratings
  • A Rated R Star Wars movie?
  • Can Star Wars sustain a movie every year?
  • When will the Marvel Universe need a reboot?
  • Plans to watch the Fantastic Four movie
  • Can there ever be a good Fantastic Four movie?
  • References to “Superman Lives”

Check out our first Starship Farragut episode with Case