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Bonus Episodes 035 Winter is Here!

A Certain Point of View

Bonus Episodes 035 Winter is Here!

Ben Milton


Case joins Ben and Addy for a look at season 6 of Game of Thrones and especially the last 2 episodes.



  • Netflix Punisher series is official
  • Darth Vader will be in Rogue One
  • Forest Whitaker’s character is Saw Gerrera, (from Star Wars the Clone Wars, season 5, episodes 2-5)
  • Paramount’s Star Trek Fan Film rules
  • Season 6’s improvements to pacing
  • Our Favorite Moments from Season 6
  • Hodor Holding the Door
  • The Resurrection of Jon Snow
  • Sansa comes into her own
  • Dany’s Mic Drop Moments
  • Redeeming Dorne
  • Jaime Lannister at Riverrun
  • Will Jaime kill Cersei?
  • Battle of the Bastards
  • Ramsay Bolton
  • Nerfing Tyrion
  • Sam arrives at the Library
  • Rules of Succession
  • What happens to Sam
  • Mormonts
  • Arya’s Story
  • Clegane Bowl
  • GoT is just a big D&D Game
  • Predictions
  • The Future of House Stark
  • War and the White Walkers
  • Littlefinger
  • Brotherhood without Banners and Lady Stoneheart
  • Favorite memes