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The Scruffy Nerfherders D20

Session 33 - Tales of Suspense

Case Aiken

33 - Session 33.jpg

Mara Jade has captured the Nerfherders and surely it’s only a matter of time before they break, but you can’t count our Scruffy protagonists out until country bumpkin sings.

Session 28 - Shattered

Adonijah Thomas


The Fellowship of the Scruffy Nerfherders has broken. In a bid for power, Pho Sho has scattered the group. How will each member of the group react to this new status quo? Where do they go from here?

Session 24 - Turn After Reading

Adonijah Thomas

24 - Session Twenty Four.jpg

Case guides the Nerfherders through a fight and they are woefully outmatched. While the fight rages, Pho Sho reminisces about his friends as he must make a difficult choice to sacrifice a friend to his quest for power.

Session 23 - O Brother...

Adonijah Thomas

23 - Session Twenty Three.jpg

Case herds the Scruffy Nerfherders like Loth-Cats. Pho Sho is on a dark mission but when he rejoins his fellow nerfherders with the princess will they be able to survive the wilds without divine intervention?

Session 22 - The Big Revealski

Adonijah Thomas

22 - Session Twenty Two.jpg

Pho Sho finally finds out who has been calling him across the galaxy and why. Will he find new purpose and a new path? Will his friends survive long enough to find out what happened to him? Not unless Huff starts getting some better rolls!

Session 20 - Stargo

Adonijah Thomas

20 - Session Twenty.jpg

Stargo, get it? It's kinda like Fargo? Right? Well anyhoo - Case and the Scruffy Nerfherders continue their journey with their new companions on a strange new planet and very quickly find themselves in a fight again.

Session 17 - Trinity of Doom

Adonijah Thomas


Case and the Scruffy Nerfherders may have enjoyed playing video games during a stealth mission near the remains of Alderaan, but are they prepared to take on three Imperial Guards? Find out who survives on this episode!

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Session 16 - Now This is Podcasting

Adonijah Thomas

16 - Session Sixteen.jpg

Our Scruffy Nerfherders have completed the first step to get to Captain Falco Dragon. But can Phallius get to stealthily and convince the Alderaanian to help the Rebel Alliance? Can the others stay hidden? Well no they can't but will they turn to the power of friendship or use more violent methods?