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The Scruffy Nerfherders D20

Session 17 - Trinity of Doom

Adonijah Thomas


Case and the Scruffy Nerfherders may have enjoyed playing video games during a stealth mission near the remains of Alderaan, but are they prepared to take on three Imperial Guards? Find out who survives on this episode!

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Session 16 - Now This is Podcasting

Adonijah Thomas

16 - Session Sixteen.jpg

Our Scruffy Nerfherders have completed the first step to get to Captain Falco Dragon. But can Phallius get to stealthily and convince the Alderaanian to help the Rebel Alliance? Can the others stay hidden? Well no they can't but will they turn to the power of friendship or use more violent methods?

Episode 099 Star Wars RPG Session 6 - A Bazaar Chase

Ben Milton

Case continues the adventures of our scruffy nerfherders Ben, Addy, Cory and Shawn as they try to escape the empire through seedy corners of the market and crowds. Will they all make it out alive? Will one of them betray them? Well yes, Ben basically does. Music: Check out more episodes at

Episode 071 Session 0

Ben Milton

Case bought a copy of the Star Wars Roll Playing Game and Ben and Addy invited Shawn and Cory over to play.  This is the first of a series of their adventures. This episode is just character creation and quick introductions to the game.