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Fun and Games with Matt and Geoff

Mute All

Case Aiken

40 - Mute All.jpg

Content Warning: Sexual Assault; Explicit Language (More than usual)

Online gaming has allowed us to play and engage with total strangers the world over. And many of us use this marvel of network technology to impugn matters of identity and claim matriarchal relations upon said strangers. And frankly, many of us have no reason to be dicks online, so why are we? When do we learn it, and can we un-learn it? Matt & Geoff are trying their best here, but are working to do better.

Under Pressure

Case Aiken

39 - The Crunch.jpg

Whether it's 80+ hour weeks, 14+ hour days or worse demanded of a development team's time and energy, it feels like crunch time has been a part of video game development since its inception. But, does it help? Why do we allow it? What choices can we make as informed consumers? Matt & Geoff get no closer than usual to concrete answers, but the questions need asking.

Make Yourself

Case Aiken

38 - Make Yourself.jpg

Perhaps the greatest expression of creativity a player can have within a video game is customizing their character. Their look, moveset, voice, and so much more. Whether it's making a version of yourself, or your favorite characters from other games, video game character creation has given us all untold hours of fun from fiddling with faders. Matt & Geoff discuss some of their favorites.

Super Fighting Podcast

Case Aiken

37 - Super Fighting Podcast.jpg

With the recent release of the first numbered Mega Man title in nearly a decade, Case Aiken join Matt & Geoff in talking about their experiences with the mainline Mega Man series (and a little bit of Mega Man X). 

Rose Colored Pixels

Case Aiken

36 - Rose Colored Pixels.jpg

On this week’s episode of “‘Fun’ and Games”, Matt and Geoff discuss the difference between historically important games that have been surpassed and games that are considered classics and retain their play-ability.

A Video Game Con 2018

Case Aiken

35 - AVGC.jpg

Matt gets Geoff's report from A Video Game Con 2018. Started in 2015, A Video Game Con has been a celebration of gaming both retro and modern. They host vendors, free play console and arcade games, tournaments, musical performances, and panels about a wide range of topics in the industry and hobby. For the most part, Geoff bought a lot of video games.

You Can't Take the Cloud from Me

Case Aiken

34 - You Can't Take the Cloud from Me.jpg

The landscape of video game developers, publishers and rights holders changes drastically from month to month, let alone decade to decade. What can be done to preserve so many of the titles that have been released over the last 40 years? Matt & Geoff discuss what could be lost, and how the digital release movement has skewed our idea of what we're really paying for on a digital marketplace.

A Pale Imitation

Case Aiken

33 - Pale Imitation.jpg

When old consoles become obsolete, how do we go back to playing the classics? Emulation! Everyone does it, from consumers to publishers re-releasing old titles. Matt & Geoff discuss their experiences with emulation and where they feel it falls, legally and morally speaking.

Stick It In Your Pocket

Case Aiken

 Matt & Geoff discuss their love of portable games. From Game Boys to Mobile phones, there's a lot of game you can fit in your pocket (Actual Results may vary, based on size of pocket).

Matt & Geoff discuss their love of portable games. From Game Boys to Mobile phones, there's a lot of game you can fit in your pocket (Actual Results may vary, based on size of pocket).

Random Encounters

Case Aiken

31 - JRPG.jpg

Beginning as Japan's digital take on tabletop role-playing games, the JRPG genre has gone through a great many phases and styles. Matt & Geoff reflect on their favorites and how they feel the genre will continue in the future. There is no fervent yelling. There is overt fanboyism. 

E3 Showcase Scrutiny

Case Aiken

29 - E3 Showcase Scrutiny.jpg

Matt & Geoff say they're not going to go over every little detail of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here is an hour of them going over a lot of the big details. Score one for technicalities.

Going Off the Rails on a Preview Train

Case Aiken

28 - Trailers.jpg

In order to buy a game, you have to know it exists. In order to know it exists, A game company needs to release previews. What is the right amount of game hype. Is there such a thing? Where to start? Matt & Geoff have no idea, but that's never stopped them before.

Everyone's a Metacritic

Case Aiken

27 - Rate to Sell.jpg

Professional reviews, online critiques, and popular opinion can help us make smart purchasing decisions as a gamer. But what critically acclaimed duds do we buy? What hidden gems remain unearthed? Without getting too Relativist, Matt & Geoff try to find that fine line between blind trust and contradictory solipsism.

Previously, on "Fun" & Games

Case Aiken

26 - Previously, on Fun & Games.jpg

If you want to experience a game fully, do you also need to play all the other entries in the franchise? What about any crossover games that may happen? Does the order matter if the entries aren't numbered? Matt & Geoff tackle the subject of Franchise Fatigue and trying to enjoy new games anyway. 

Now You're Playing with Superpowers

Case Aiken

Matt & Geoff talk about some highs, lows, and favorites of superheroes in video games. Whether they come from Marvel, DC, an independent publisher or an original IP created for the game, Video games and superpowers just seem to go hand in hand. Even if they don't often seem to in execution.

1:64 Scale

Case Aiken

Nintendo's NES and SNES Classics have combined sold over 6 million units. Another Pass Podcast's Case Aiken joins Matt & Geoff in speculating about the possibilities of an N64 Classic Edition. Between whether it will ever exist, game lists and sharing N64 memories there's a lot to talk about.

Superman 64 is mentioned.


Buy Before You Try

Case Aiken

23 - Buy Before You Try.jpg

For the past few console generations, gamers have been asked to pay up front for pre-orders and season passes. Matt & Geoff share some of their experiences with the varying forms of gaming's down payments.

Podcast Gold Plus Deluxe

Case Aiken

22 - Podcast Gold Plus Deluxe.jpg

With Nintendo rolling out new version of "My Nintendo" and their new subscription plan due to debut this year, Matt & Geoff talk about their experiences with loyalty programs, subscription plans, and anticipatory revenue streams.

Comments to the Editor

Case Aiken

21 - Comments to the Editor.jpg

They existed before podcasts, before YouTube, before major gaming sites. For a long time, your best source of gaming news and entertainment was found in countless monthly gaming magazines. Matt & Geoff reminisce and try to figure out what the decline of the physical gaming magazine is for the better or for the worse.