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Fun and Games with Matt and Geoff

1:64 Scale

Case Aiken

Nintendo's NES and SNES Classics have combined sold over 6 million units. Another Pass Podcast's Case Aiken joins Matt & Geoff in speculating about the possibilities of an N64 Classic Edition. Between whether it will ever exist, game lists and sharing N64 memories there's a lot to talk about.

Superman 64 is mentioned.


Buy Before You Try

Case Aiken

23 - Buy Before You Try.jpg

For the past few console generations, gamers have been asked to pay up front for pre-orders and season passes. Matt & Geoff share some of their experiences with the varying forms of gaming's down payments.

Podcast Gold Plus Deluxe

Case Aiken

22 - Podcast Gold Plus Deluxe.jpg

With Nintendo rolling out new version of "My Nintendo" and their new subscription plan due to debut this year, Matt & Geoff talk about their experiences with loyalty programs, subscription plans, and anticipatory revenue streams.

Comments to the Editor

Case Aiken

21 - Comments to the Editor.jpg

They existed before podcasts, before YouTube, before major gaming sites. For a long time, your best source of gaming news and entertainment was found in countless monthly gaming magazines. Matt & Geoff reminisce and try to figure out what the decline of the physical gaming magazine is for the better or for the worse.

Physical Decay

Case Aiken


When it comes to adding a new entry to your video game collection, there's more than one way to get it. Matt & Geoff compare and contrast physical vs. digital copies.

Episodes collected 18/???

Case Aiken

18 - Episodes Collected.jpg

Matt & Geoff discuss the 3D collectathon; from the N64 offerings of Rare to the new and current. What works, what's been left behind, and how important is it really, to get 100%?

The Year in Review

Case Aiken

17 - Year in Review.jpg

Happy 2018! Matt & Geoff look back on the last year of gaming. What trends they noticed, what games they played, and what they thought of it all. Matt & Geoff play the Switch an awful lot.

The Digital Revanche of the Jedi

Case Aiken


With a New "Star Wars" a week away, Matt & Geoff talk about the undeniable presence of the franchise throughout gaming history. Despite retcons, revamps and revisiting certain set pieces one too many times, "Star Wars" looks to remain a force in the world of Video Games. Please stop me before the puns get any worse.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Case Aiken


The nature of producing new media is the act of adapting already existing ideas. But video games have had a long history of licensed games, and more directly adapting worlds characters and stories. Matt & Geoff discuss the highs and lows and what can make a good licensed video game. Also, current events.

Achievement Unlocked 5G - Posted Episode 14

Case Aiken


Whether they go by badges, trophies, medals, stamps or achievements, the past decade of gaming has been filled with system-wide quantifiable "goals". When save game files can already display 100%, and there are countless other ways to reward playing the game, do these unlockable achievements matter? Matt & Geoff wonder if the trophies themselves are the problem.

Secret Collect.

Case Aiken


One of the great joys of video games is what can be hidden, waiting to be unearthed. It could be a cleverly concealed reference, or just an unexpected shift in a game's proceedings. Matt and Geoff discuss what defines an Easter Egg and some of their favorite finds.

One if by LAN, Two if by PCs

Case Aiken


Continuing the talk about multiplayer games, Matt & Geoff share their memories, experiences, and thoughts on the original online game platform: The Personal Computer. Nobody calls it a Personal Computer anymore, but that's progress for you.

Ready Player Two

Case Aiken

11 - Ready Player 2.jpg

Many would argue some of the best gaming experiences aren't made alone. Since the dawn of video games, there has been room for more than one gamer at a time. But before you could plug your console into the wifi, that meant crowding on the couch. Matt & Geoff share some of their observations, analysis and stories of local console multiplayer.

It's Only Wafer Thin

Case Aiken


Many adult gamers first childhood game was very likely a 2-D platformer. The Genre has had its ups and downs over the decades, but has never been truly dormant.  Matt & Geoff discuss where the genre has been, why it endures and possibly where it can go.

A Pun on "Playing" Music

Case Aiken


Since there was disk space for it, music has had a place in gaming. Sometimes the music is the gameplay and you end up with a Rhythm game or one of its many hyphenated off-shoots. Matt & Geoff share their thoughts on those games that connect the beats to the buttons.

Playing with Power in your hands

Case Aiken


When it comes to game immersion, it's not just the design or the world building, but the device you use to interact with the game. Matt & Geoff touch on some of the design evolutions and missteps that have occurred. And why do we keep shoehorning motion control?

Games Done Quick

Case Aiken

7 - Games Done Quick.jpg

Since 2010, Games Done Quick has been a bi-annual video game charity event publicly showcasing speedrunning. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Matt and Geoff explore the notion of "Fun" in shaving seconds off a completion time and doing it in front of an online community.

View the current GDQ or just find out more about the event at:

Coming Soon (On the outside)

Case Aiken

6 - Coming Soon.jpg

Another E3 has come and gone. Matt and Geoff wonder if the current incarnation is its best form. Why do we need to push and preview so forcefully? How best can we go about it? DISCLAIMER: Matt and Geoff do like games other than Nintendo games.

Super "Fun" & Games HD Collection POTY Edition

Case Aiken


How many times do you have to buy Sonic 2 before enough is enough? What's the best version? Does Why bother buying legacy collections and HD remakes? Why bother making them? Who really benefits? Matt and Geoff try to figure it out. With added art gallery and sound test*