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Borrowing the immortal lines from Obi-Wan Kenobi, we're going to explore the nerd galaxy together and with you.

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Ben Milton

Ben lives in Maryland with his wife, adopted son and daughter. A vetern of radio he's worked with some of the biggest names of the industry. Don Imus, Glenn Beck, G. Gordan Liddy, John Thompson, and many many others. Addy has described him as brutally honest. A New Hope was the first movie he ever saw in the theaters and it has been the standard by which he views all entertainment since. He started collecting comics in high school and had a pretty awesome collection until his parents divorced. He's still bitter.

Follow his new found interest in streaming here.


Addy Thomas

Addy is a natural born producer. He worked for many years in radio. He has a tough time narrowing his favorite nerdy franchises and universes. Among them are Star Wars, Tolkien, Batman, Green Lantern, Luke Cage and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He lives in Maryland and loves the simple elegance of a quesadilla.


Case Aiken

"The spectacularly monikered P. Case Aiken III" (Time Out New York, January 2010) has been working professionally in theater and film in various capacities since graduating from Colgate in 2006. Writing highlights include for stage Trials (2011 Kraine Theater), Spinner Spirits Presents Showpiece Theater Starring Rex McDeevit (2010 Kraine Theater), What(‘s) Happen(s)(ed)(ing) in the Elevator? (2009 Red Room), San Deus (2008 Red Room), Called (2005 Colgate University) and for film Good People (2008 Independent Film) and The Frontier (2007 Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival). Though he prefers to be behind the scenes, he never shies away from a chance to be on stage, as with the As We Speak with the re:Directions Theater Company.

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Matt Storm aka “DJ Stormageddon”

Stormageddon is a host, DJ, podcaster and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He deejays shows for Metropolis Burlesque, Wormwood Burlesque, Rabbit Hole Productions, D20 Burlesque and of course he is the official DJ of the Nerdlesque Festival and Eat Me! A Variety Show. He also hosts, deejays and is a producing member of Magical Girl Burlesque. He has two different podcasts he hosts, CC: Autographs - a bi-weekly interview podcast and the "Fun" and Games Podcast - a bi-weekly video game discussion and analysis podcast. All of his podcasts can be found on most podcast hosting providers.

He is nerdy about a great many things like video games, board games, TV, movies and comics but none of that rivals his nerdy love of music of all different kinds. He’s on a crusade to save the world one song at a time and he loves creating theme specific playlists for the many shows and parties he works.

Photo credit and design: Ms Trixie Delight

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Geoff Moonen

Geoff Moonen is an actor, musician, voice actor, audio engineer, puppeteer and juggler. Once upon a time, in college, he gave into an immature notion of “adulting” and sold about 98% of his video game collection. This has made a lot of his friends very angry and been widely regarded as a bad decision. The last ten years have been spent rebuilding that collection better than before. He believes in the power of a positive, yet critical, attitude towards fandom and that is the hill upon which he will probably die. He lives in NYC with his wife and their many handheld systems.


MJ is a writer of queer romance and currently lives in the House of a Thousand Cats, located in Green Brook Township, New Jersey. She hopes to add a dog to the mix someday, but she’s willing to wait for the right pup. She does not suffer fools or Snape apologists, does no harm but takes no shit, and plans to one day be the J.B. Fletcher of YA.

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RACHEL SCHENK is a performance artist, musician, freestyle rapper, producer, host of Screen Snark and The Infinity Podcast, and is all around generally mediocre at lots of things. She is half of comedy band Afterbirth Monkey. In her spare time, of which there is little, Rachel builds scale replicas of Tokyo and then destroys them Godzilla style. She plays as a bard in her DND campaign.... OBVIOUSLY


Jmike Folson

Jmike Folson is an audio producer who started working in radio in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL and continues now in radio in the Washington, DC area. His fandoms include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Superman and Sonic the Hedgehog among many others.


Hans Martin, Jr

Hans Martin Jr. was born in Boston, MA on June 1, 1985. He now lives in Orlando, FL working as an Assistant Dean of a Young Men’s Dorm. Hans enjoys going out watching movies, watching sports (especially the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, and Barcelona FC), eating at great restaurants, going to Disney World, and just having fun with his family and friends.
He’s been blogging about movies for 6 years and reviewing movies on YouTube as The Real Movie Critic for the last 2 years.