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A Certain Point of View

Episode 162 News: Ava Duvernay to direct New Gods movie

Adonijah Thomas

News 03192018.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors: The Last Jedi score only cut, Laura Dern says Pew when shooting her blaster, Steven Spielberg couldn't get Star Wars rights for Ready Player One, Deadpool 2 screening reports, Nicholas Cage to play Superman, TV Reviews: DC TV, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, The Walking Dead.

Episode 161 News: Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

Adonijah Thomas

News 03122018.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors. Jon Favreau to produce live-action Star War TV series, The Last Jedi novelization, Finn and Phasma deleted scene, Netflix and Liefield's Extreme Comics deal. Reviews: Voltron Season 5, CW DC TV Universe: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Agents of SHIELD, The Walking Dead, Star Wars Rebels series finale, Jessica Jones season 2.

Episode 160 News: Upcoming Marvel Movies and more

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV Marvel News.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors. Marvel announces new film dates, State of AT&T Time Warner acquisition, Agents of SHIELD coming to an end? TV reviews: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Agents of SHIELD, The Walking Dead and Star Wars Rebels.

Episode 158 News: Yet Another Marvel Reboot

Adonijah Thomas

News 02272018.jpg

Ben and Addy talk about the latest in nerd news and rumors. Luke Skywalker's wife. Mark Hamill might be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, new Marvel Comics Reboot, Joss Whedon leaves Batgirl movie. Reviews: Legends of Tomorrow, Walking Dead midseason premiere, Star Wars Rebels: Jedi Night and Dume.

Episode 157 News: Incredibles 2 Trailer

Adonijah Thomas

News 02202018.jpg

Ben and Addy talk the latest nerd news and rumors: George RR Martin's newest book, Lucasfilm/EA Licensing Deal may end, Activitision Blizzard's microtransactions. Incredibles 2 trailer reaction. New episodes: Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow

Episode 155 News: Solo A Star Wars Story Teaser

Adonijah Thomas

News 02062018.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art and fan reaction, PETA's letter to TMNT, Mario Kart on mobile, Metropolis on Fox, Brian Michael Bendis on Superman. Trailers: Solo A Star Wars Story, Westworld Season 2, The Cloverfield Paradox, Walking Dead Season 8, Jurassic World. Avengers Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp. TV: Black Lightning, Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash.

Episode 153 News: Star Wars Rebels Trailer

Adonijah Thomas

News 01222018.jpg

Ben and Addy talk the latest nerd news and rumors. Kid Flash joins Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League Special Features, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will direct Flashpoint, Hasbro CInematic News Update, Tom Holland in Venom solo movie, Dan Slott to write Iron Man, John Wick TV show: The Continental. TV Reviews: Black Lightning premiere, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, X-Files. Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Midseason Trailer.

Episode 151 News: Fox Readjusts its Release Schedule

Adonijah Thomas

News 01162018.jpg


Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors. Fox readjusts its movie release schedule, new Flight of the Conchords special, Walking Dead showrunner change, Black Widow movie in development, Solo: A Star Wars story reshoots, John Williams and Episode IX, DC/WB's Corporate Vision. Krypton trailer, Teen Titans Go to the Movies trailer, The Runaways Finale, Agents of SHIELD.

Episode 150: DCEU Updates

Adonijah Thomas

News 01082018.jpg

Ben and Addy talk about the latest nerd news and rumors. Justice League Snyder Cut protest, The Gifted renewed, Animaniacs on Hulu, New Head of DC Films, Amazon Prime Rose Parade. TV Reviews: The Gifted, Runaways, Agents of SHIELD, The Good Place.

Episode 148 News: Star Wars Episode VIII Backlash

Adonijah Thomas

News 12262017.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest nerd news and rumors: Petition to remove Star Wars episode VIII from Lore, The Office revival, Gambit movie moves forward, Solo: A Star Wars Story reshoots, Matthew Vaughn and the DC Universe. Reviews: Runaways, Agents of SHIELD, Bright. Ben and Addy also consider their role in the nerd world and if they're just wasting their time.

Episode 146 News: Disney-Fox Deal

Adonijah Thomas

News 12182017.jpg

Ben and Addy talk the latest nerd news and rumors. Rick and Morty Vindicators comic, Disney-Fox deal. Star Wars the Last Jedi spoiler-free review, TV Reviews: Gotham season 4, Runaways, Agents of SHIELD.

Episode 144 DC's Post Justice League Plans

Adonijah Thomas

News 12112017.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest in nerd news and rumors. Marvel's audio drama podcast, Marvel Rising animated movie and shorts, Stannis Baratheon was confused, Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek, Pokemon Go and the weather, Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu, Taika Waititi and Star Wars, Obi-Wan and Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars movies, Least Popular Star Wars characters, Simon Kinberg's X-Men mistakes, DC restructuring films division, Upcoming DC movies. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse Trailer. This week in TV: The Gifted, CW DC Universe, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow. Runaways, Agents of SHIELD, Walking Dead Midseason finale.