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A Certain Point of View

Episode 209: Magfest 2019

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 01072019.jpg

Ben and Addy are joined by Matt, Geoff, and Case to discuss Magfest. This is the first time they meet in person and talk about reliving the glory days in the arcade at Magfest. Part 2 of this discussion is in this week's episode of Fun and Games with Matt and Geoff.

Episode 207: Star Wars Comics Vol 3-5

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 12252018.jpg

Ben and Addy read through Star Wars volumes 3-5 and discuss the various arcs including the secret Rebel jail, commandeering a Star Destroyer, Sergeant Kreel and his Stormtrooper Commandos, Obi-Wan's adventures on Tattooine, Yoda's spiritual quest and an annual exploring Leia's regrets and motivation.

Episode 205: A Lesson for Poe

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 12102018.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance and wrap up reading the Poe Dameron comic series. They discuss some of the lessons they learned along with Poe and question how deep Poe really is.

Episode 202: Author Pat Edwards on Writing and Sci-Fi

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 11192018.jpg

Ben and Addy discuss the news that John Williams will create an original score for the new Galaxy Edge Star Wars Theme Park at Disney and react and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance (Synara’s Score). They are then joined by Case and author Pat Edwards (Space Tripping) to discuss the writing process, challenges navigating the publishing industry and of course nerd out about Star Wars.

Click here to buy Space Tripping on Amazon

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Check out his official website

Episode 201: Stan Lee and News

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 11132018.jpg

Ben and Addy are joined by Case. They react to the new Detective Pikachu trailer and discuss Stan Lee's legacy. Plus news updates about the Cassian Andor live-action series, updates on Disney Plus streaming service, Loki and other potential MCU mini-series and the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance (Signal from Sector Six).

Episode 199: Extra Life with Ben

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 10292018.jpg

Ben and Addy are joined by their friend Jasenn as they discuss Ben’s upcoming 24 hour livestream to raise funds for Extra Life (Children’s Miracle Hospitals). They also discuss the most recent episode of Star Wars Resistance (The Tower).

Episode 197: BONUS Mythology and Faith in Lord of the Rings

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 10102018.jpg

Ben and Addy are joined by Michael Haldas and Elaina Olga the author and illustrator of Echoes of Truth: Christianity in Lord of the Rings to discuss faith and mythology in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

You can buy their book now on Amazon (

You can check out more books from Luna Press Publishing (

You can find Michael Haldas and his books and podcasts on his website (

You can find Elaina Olga and her art on her website ( and Facebook (

Episode 194: Star Wars Resistance and News Roundup

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV 10012018.jpg

Ben and Addy bring you a hodgepodge of Star Wars news covering the recent passing of Gary Kurtz, Disney Play's MCU plans, Bob Iger's plans for LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy's contract, the Vader Immortal VR teaser and Star Wars Resistance teasers. Also, is Ben irrational for only wanting Rodians to speak in Rodian? The short answer is yes.

Episode 193: Frank and Gina Hernandez

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV Heather Antos 09252018.jpg

Ben, Case and Addy are joined by two of the stars of Star Wars Revelations (2005). They share stories from the renowned fan film and talk about fan communities.

Check out the film here:

Episode 192: Heather Antos

Adonijah Thomas

CPOV Heather Antos 09182018.jpg

Case and Addy talk to and nerd out with editor Heather Antos. They talking about the editing process, Lucasfilm Story Group, how she worked herself into a job in the comics industry, eSports and more.

For the latest from Heather, you can follow her on twitter @HeatherAntos