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Episode 009 Man of Steel

The great Man of Steel debate. Joined by Carmen the guys fight over the most iconic superhero of them all.

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  • Problems with Superman, comics and other media
  • Man of Steel flaws
  • The level of destruction and Michael Bay – Ben
  • Nolan and Snyder collaboration is weird – Addy
  • Problems with Nolan Batman – Addy
  • Interesting themes in Man of Steel that went nowhere – Addy
  • Zod’s motivations are questionable – Carmen
  • Krypton opening and Jor-El scientific Badass?
  • Pa Kent Problems
  • Flashbacks and Poor Editing - Addy
  • Ben defends Pa Kent
  • Ben talks about Clark’s internal conflict
  • Addy’s problems with Superman’s Savior Complex and Immigrant Status
  • Addy’s suggestion for good Superman stories, focus on the villains
  • Lois the Plot Device
  • The fights make no sense – Ben
  • Lois as part of the love triangle
  • Batman vs Superman expectations
  • DC Cartoon Universe
  • DC Movie Universe

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