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Episode 034 Woe of Warcraft

Ben, Addy and Case have all seen the Warcraft movie, but feel it had tons of room for improvement. The guys delve deep into what could fix this movie and what other stories to explore in Warcraft lore.

  • Recent activity playing Heroes of the Storm
  • Plot issues in Warcraft
  • The “Fel” magic and the nature of Orcs
  • The orcs are not complex enough
  • Garona retcons
  • Blizzard’s obsession with Orcs
  • Casting choices
  • The Garona “Betrayal”
  • Case’s suggestion to make Lothar, Khadgar and Garona more interesting
  • Ben wants the 5 man group RPG experience
  • Addy thinks Durotan worked
  • Case wants to move forward in the timeline since the First War, focus on Orgrim Doomhammer’s rise and Lothar leading the humans out of Stormwind
  • The story covered in this movie should be a prologue not a whole movie
  • China is making a sequel possible, how should this story move forward?
  • Ben’s theory on why Warcraft resonates with China more than anyone else
  • Thrall and Arthas movie?
  • Addy wants Warcraft: The Animated Series and War of the Ancients and Warcraft 3
  • Shifting alliances and diversity
  • Ben is disappointed there weren’t any Shamans
  • How many different kinds of magic could they have explored in this movie?
  • Guldan and Warlock tanking
  • Ben was excited to see Karazhan
  • Zug Zug and Orc cameos
  • Addy compares Warcraft to the Expendables