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Episode 031 Warcraft

Ben and Addy are huge Warcraft fans. They explore what they like about the Warcraft universe and games. How did it become so addictive and how can the MMO be fixed? Addy also says “like” a lot this episode. Don’t making it a drinking game; we’re not responsible for alcohol poisoning.

  • How did Ben start playing World of Warcraft?
  • How did Addy start playing Warcraft?
  • The appeal of the Warcraft lore
  • The Noob experience of World of Warcraft
  • Leveling with Friends and Guildies
  • The challenge of the game
  • Open world experience
  • Where the game lost it path
  • Group Finder and Raid Finder
  • Addy is optimistic about Legion
  • The Flying Debate
  • Appeasing the Fan base
  • The Future of the Game
  • The Warcraft Movie