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Episode 039 Celebrating Star Wars Celebration

Ben and Addy discuss news, highlights and more from Star Wars Celebration 2016. Check out the YouTube links to the panels.

Gareth Edward's philosophy directing Rogue One

Plans for storytelling with Virtual Reality Technology
Plugging into the Matrix
Cheap VR vs Possibilities
Rogue One Panel
Rogue One sizzle reel
Addy likes the diversity in Rogue One
Force Users in Rogue One
The nature of the Rebel Alliance
The role of Vader in Rogue One
Space Monkey
Untold Stories of Ahsoka Tano Panel
Ahsoka's Arc
What did she do at the end of the Clone Wars, Underworld/1313 and Mandalore/Maul
Reunited with Anakin one last time
Ahsoka's Fate
Star Wars Rebels season 3 Panel

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer
Ahsoka, strong female character
Rebels Finale, Maul and Ahsoka vs Vader
What's in store for our heroes?
Maul's next step

Confidence in the Star Wars brand


Lucasfilm Art of Storytelling Panel

Marvel's Star Wars Comics Panel

An Hour with Mark Hamill

EA Star Wars Panel