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Episode 049 Music Scores and More

Ben and Addy are joined by their friend Jon to talk about movie scores. Marvel’s scores have come under fire for not being memorable, why is that? What practices in the film industry could lead to that? Listen to us give bad impressions of our favorite scores while trying to make coherent arguments!


The Marvel Symphonic Universe – Every Frame a Painting

Temp Tracks Part 2

Editing Thought Process

Temp tracks

What makes a theme memorable?

What Marvel scores does Addy like?

Marvel Motifs

Ben – save money on soundtracks by avoiding big composers

The evolution of the significance of the score

People understand film language better

Captain America in the museum

The art of scoring a film

Do all great movies have a great soundtrack?

Marvel movies are based on various genres

Soundtrack sales are not significant

BvS’ Wonder Woman theme was a bold choice

Will there be memorable soundtracks from current movies?

Subtlety in scoring

Removing the score as a character

Is this a result of movie remakes and Superhero oversaturation?

TV themes

Does the modern moviegoer need soundtracks anymore

Some of our favorite themes

X-Men The Animated Series

Batman the Animated Series

Batman 1989

Prince – Trust from Batman

The Flash TV Theme

Duck Tales

Wonder Woman TV

Greatest American Hero

Incredible Hulk

Spielberg Soundtracks

Flash Gordon – Queen

Cowboy Bebop