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Episode 046 Ben Goldsmith

Ben and Addy are joined by Case who brings his friend new author Ben Goldsmith. This episode is less of a show and more of party, Ben even turns questions on Ben and Addy. Ben Goldsmith has just been signed to Source Point Press and you can look forward to his first release The Seance in February 2017.

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Ben Goldsmith hanging out a Baltimore Comic Con

Frank Miller

Comics and coping with tragedy

Ben’s Drug Addicted Superman idea

Green Lantern

Small and Beautiful Moments

Our Ben and Puck

Case’s Nerd Pedigree

Case’s Hollywood Superheroes pitch


Ben Goldsmith’s new book “The Séance”

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How Ben got his career in comics started

Favorite Comics

Comic Events

The Lack of Finality on Comics

Comics as mythology

Defending being a comics fan as an adult

Ben Goldsmith's rebrand idea for Starfire

Ben Goldsmith's idea for Batman

What characters would we not want to write for?