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A Certain Point of View

Bonus Episode with Kevin Hippolyte

Ben and Addy are joined by their friend and comedian Kevin Hippolyte. It starts as a a Batman discussion and goes all over the place...


Kevin googled Certain POV

Kevin appreciates Star Wars fans

Kevin loves the Dark Knight Trilogy

Debating the Dark Knight Rises

Batman as a symbol

Kevin doesn't like Batfleck

Kevin wants Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard porn

Ben's problems with Batman

Kevin on Batman's Origin

Kevin doesn't care for Spiderman

New York Heroes

Batman is too OP

What Kevin and Batman share

The Power of Black and Freaks of the Night

The Dangers of Viagra

Batman's Time Management Super Skills

Batman's questionable sidekicks


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Kevin Like Joel Schumacher's Batman

Batman Beyond

Barry Bonds Size

Jim Caviziel as Batman

Kevin wants to stop and enjoy the moment

Red Auerbach and Boston

Night life


Martial Arts


You can't criticize Batman


The Suicide Squad soundtrack


Kevin and Ben play footsie

Two Face

Batman v Superman

The Warcraft Movie

The Golden Age of TV

Batman v Superman

Marion Cotillard