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A podcast by two friends who love storytelling, video games, and romancing aliens! Reignite is a podcast where Matt and MJ play through the Mass Effect series for the upteenth time--this time, their playthroughs will be more critical. Every choice will be made as close to their moral compass as possible and they will discuss the choices they made and what meaning, knowledge, or wisdom they can pull from the game. Play along with them and share your experiences!

Episode #1.09: Ilos - Running Out of Time

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MJ and Matt race to Ilos where they learn a lot more about the Protheans and the ending of the last Reaper cycle. This week’s Fandom Corner features quietgold’s fic, the effect of you --a perfect fic for those Shakarian shippers. Special thanks to David Boyle for our amazing logo and to Dan Bull for the song MASS EFFECT RAP, which we use as our theme.

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