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Episode 026 Star Wars Ring Theory

Star Wars Ring Theory

This week Ben and Addy dive deeply into George Lucas' Star Wars movies and its structure. Was Lucas trying to achieve something we couldn't recognize are the prequels better than we think? No, but we play around with some interesting ideas based on Mike Klimo's thesis on Star Wars Ring Theory.

Check out the thesis on Ring Theory

  • What is Ring Theory?
  • Cyclical Patterns in other Stories
  • How the Phantom Menace mirrors Return of the Jedi not A New Hope
  • Ben: Aren’t the similarities just a natural part of the Hero’s Journey?
  • More similarities between Phantom Menace and Return of the Jedi
  • How Attack of the Clones mirrors the Empire Strikes Back
  • How Revenge of the Sith completes the ring to A New Hope
  • Our Verdict on Ring Theory
  • Do other stories conform to Ring Theory?