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BONUS EPISODE 27 Captain America: Civil War

Ben and Addy are joined by Case after watching Captain America: Civil War for a second time during the opening weekend. Soooo, we really love Civil War! Expect lot of SPOILERS!

  • Scarlet Witch came in like a wrecking ball
  • Tony’s character arc through the MCU
  • Zemo’s intricate plan
  • Villains need time to develop
  • Crossbones
  • Bucky’s Secret Backstory
  • Cap’s Strength
  • The Importance of the Women in Cap and Iron Man’s Lives
  • Addy’s Perspective on the MCU
  • Spiderman; nitpicking the webbing
  • Scott Lang’s Ant Man
  • Bucky’s Effects and Action
  • Homage Shots
  • Comparing the Comics
  • Do Iron Man’s and Cap’s Positions on the Sokovia Accords make sense?
  • Black Panther
  • Our Verdict: Effective and Compelling