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Episode 041 Rewriting Revenge of the Sith

Crapping on the Star Wars prequels is easy to do. Coming up with ideas to tweak and fix them is far more interesting. Ben, Addy and Case brainstorm some changes to Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. What could’ve made Episode 3 work better? What changes would you propose? Leave yours in the comments below!


  • CW and Netflix new deal
  • Ben’s new pet: Drogo the Bearded Dragon
  • Addy’s Pitch – New Open for Revenge of the Sith
  • Making Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side work, why would Anakin kill younglings
  • Giving moral complexity to the prequels, Heroes and Villains on both Sides
  • “Purpose over feelings”
  • Planting the seeds for the Rebel Alliance with the Separatists
  • Big Space Battle over Vietnam like Jungle planet (Saigon) evacuating the planet
  • Witness the cost of the war
  • Grievous, mix of cybernetic and humanoid, freedom fighter/terrorist, charismatic, not simplistic villain
  • Anakin and Obi Wan are forced to protect supplies and troops instead of rescuing refugees
  • Refugees killed in strike against Grievous called by Mace Windu
  • Case – Heroes on both sides
  • Case’s Machete order cut, remove Grievous
  • Case’s Pitch, New Close
  • Grievous, Organa and Kenobi start the Rebel Alliance
  • Anakin has wounds and more cybernetics
  • Expand on the Clone War’s impact
  • Witness Republic Invasion of a system
  • Brutal conflict for first half of the movie
  • Palpatine seizes power as the Clone Wars ends and as the Jedi are spread thin
  • Ben – Fix Order 66
  • Make it a law instead of a command programmed into the clones
  • Palpatine reveals himself as the Sith Lord in confrontation with Jedi, but forces them to serve him as servants of the republic and senate
  • Jedi are divided
  • Anakin wants to unite Jedi and Sith, Obi Wan and Mace Windu want to kill Palpatine
  • Jedi Civil War!
  • Jedi confront Palpatine who unites with Grievous to wipe out Jedi
  • Law to abolish Jedi religion is passed
  • Case – use Dooku to reveal Palpatine is the Sith Lord, public attempt on Palpatine with a disgraced Dooku ends with Order 66
  • Ben - Padme survives the movie
  • Anakin not allowed on the Jedi council and eventually banished by the Jedi Order when secret marriage is discovered
  • Anakin resents Jedi and Padme
  • Case – jump to other Clone Wars battles including Kashyyk
  • Anakin makes a more calculated decision to kill Padme
  • Explore the Clone Wars more