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Episode 042 Adjusting Attack of the Clones

What changes would you make to improve Attack of the Clones? Ben, Addy and Case have their ideas in the second episode of a series fixing the prequel trilogy. What changes would you make?

  • Case’s Fix: Count Dooku is a good guy
  • Legitimize the Separatist Cause
  • Ben: Mace Windu is more militant
  • Addy: Anakin the loner
  • A different idea for who the clones are
  • Jedi clones
  • Ben: We didn’t need the Fetts
  • Case: Use the Mandalorians
  • Turn Naboo into Alderaan
  • Padme and Anakin are already in a relationship
  • Make Anakin more charismatic
  • Anakin should become Vader at the end of this movie
  • Hostile Force Ghost
  • General Grievous
  • Combining these ideas
  • No Yoda fight
  • The nature of Jedi Powers
  • The Chosen One Prophecy
  • Star Wars a reflection of history