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Episode 043 The Phantom Menace Rewrite

What changes would you make to improve The Phantom Menace? Ben, Addy and Case have their ideas in the final episode of a series fixing the prequel trilogy. What changes would you make?

  • Addy – Who is the Phantom Menace?
  • Case – turn Qui-Gon into a Sith Lord or Separatist Leader
  • Make the trade federation’s embargo actually cause serious issues
  • Anakin Starkiller – charismatic teenage pilot and smuggler on Naboo
  • No Tattooine
  • Qui-Gon keeps company with questionable people, but wants to fix the galaxy and Jedi
  • Ben’s completely new pitch
  • No Qui-Gon and pre-crawl prologue
  • Galaxy is splitting, familiar political landscape
  • Jedi Order is fracturing, Yoda vs Mace Windu
  • End of movie – failure to prevent Clone Wars
  • Palpatine pulling strings
  • Case – moral ramifications of cloning instead of Clone army
  • Maul is more visible and instigating war using Mandalorians
  • Anakin’s path to Vader
  • Dramatic tension issues with prequels
  • Live action Clone Wars movie?
  • The focus of the prequels